Miles Simon

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Quick Hits

Position: Guard


  • University of Arizona [1994-1998]
  • Orlando Magic (1998-1999)
  • Maccabi Ra’anana (Israel) (2000-2001)
  • Mabo Livorno (Italy) (2001)
  • Dakota Wizards (CBA) (2001-2003)
  • Metis Varese (Italy) (2002)


  • Born in Sweden
  • Led Arizona to a National Championship (1997)
  • NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player (1997)
  • First Team All-American [1998]
  • One of 3 players in Arizona history (along with Damon Stoudamire and Sean Elliot) to record 1600+ points and 400+ assists in his career
  • Played just one year in the NBA
  • His first year in the CBA he was Newcomer of the Year, league MVP, playoffs MVP, and league champion
  • Assistant coach at Arizona from 2005-2008

Miles Simon was a stud at Arizona. He racked up numerous awards (National Title, NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player, Final Four MVP, First Team All-American, etc.) and stayed all four years in college (he could have easily left for the NBA after his junior year). So why wasn’t Miles Simon a successful pro? Here’s an NBA Draft scouting report that exposes many of his flaws. Some excerpts:

  • “Cocky as hell”
  • “Loses focus”
  • “…has a funny release and the NBA 3 is out of his range”
  • “…needs to get his head together”
  • “…has always been overrated”
  • “…when you stop and realize it, he really doesn’t have much game”
  • “…isn’t very good defensively…”
  • “…doesn’t have a lot of offensive moves”

Ok, so the scouts didn’t really like Simon all that much, despite his success in college…and boy were they right. He was drafted in the mid-2nd round by the Orlando Magic and lasted just one year in the NBA.

(I wanted to put a picture of Simon playing for the Magic right here, but his time in the NBA was so short that I can’t even find one. In fact, when I Google image searched “Miles Simon Magic”, all I found was an advertisement for a creepy massage parlor called “Magic Hands by Simon”)

Another SI cover:

Does anything sum up Simon’s fall from stardom as well as his fan page does? Look at the bottom. Created on August 13, 1998, last updated May 14, 1999.

Trivia Question: What former New York baseball icon is Miles Simon’s brother-in-law? (Answer is at the bottom of the page)

In 2005, Arizona hired Miles Simon as an assistant coach. While on the bench, he was a popular target for ASU fans:

(Note: Simon had all sorts of academic problems at Arizona)

In May 2008, Arizona decided not to renew Simon’s contract.

Miles Simon’s legacy now lives on solely through this lady’s cat (4th row, middle picture).

……..and these corny TV commercials for Tucson Appliance:

……..and if you shop at Posh Boutique.


Miles Simon hitting an INCREDIBLE buzzer beater against Cincinnati in 1996

Highlights of the 1997 National Championship game between Arizona and Kentucky. (Buy the full game here)

Trivia Answer: Darryl Strawberry

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