Jackie Stiles

Quick Hits

Position: Guard


  • Southwest Missouri State University (1997-2001)
  • Portland Fire (2001-2002)
  • Los Angeles Sparks (never played in a game)
  • Lubbock Hawks (NWBL, 2004)
  • Canberra Capitals (WNBL, Australia, 2006)


  • Turned down a scholarship from UConn to play at SMS.
  • First NCAA Division 1 women’s player to score more than 1,000 points in a season, scoring 1,062 her senior year (32.5 ppg)
  • Scored 3,253 points in her college career
  • Never missed a game in college.
  • 41 points in a Sweet 16 upset of Duke a week after suffering a concussion.
  • Wade Trophy winner (Best Women’s Basketball player in college)
  • Broderick Cup winner (Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year)
  • 4th overall pick in the 2001 WNBA Draft
  • 2001 WNBA Rookie of the Year
  • Played just 2 seasons in the WNBA due to injuries

In 2001, Stiles was the media-darling of the NCAA Women’s Tournament as she led Southwest Missouri State on an improbable journey to the Final Four in St. Louis. She scored 41 points in an upset of top-seeded Duke in the Sweet 16, then scored 32 more in the following round, advancing SMS to the Final Four.

ESPN writer Graham Hays recounts the legend of Jackie Stiles.

There was even a book written about her.

Here are two Jackie Stiles fan sites: jackiestiles.com and the Unofficial Jackie Stiles Website. There was once a jackiestiles.net in existence, but it has been…well…forgotten.

In 2001, Stiles was the WNBA Rookie of the Year…and everything went downhill from there. Read all about the woeful plight of Jackie Stiles (Article 1) (Article 2) (Article 3)

The ending of the 2nd article describes the essence of a great forgotten player:

Unless she’s near her hometown of Claflin, Kan., or in Springfield, where her sister now plays for the Bears, Stiles doesn’t get recognized much. But when she hands a cashier her credit card, their eyes often flicker with recognition.

“They’ll say, ‘Hey, I remember you.’ “

Yep, Stiles went from one of the more recognizable female athletes in the country in 2001 to someone who is only remembered when she presents her credit card in her hometown. That, my friend, is what RFP’s are made of.

Apparently, Stiles has taken up cycling as a hobby

Last year Stiles ran a basketball camp in Missouri. Notice how it says campers get “free Jackie autographs” at the conclusion of the camp. What a deal. No word yet if the camp will be held again this year. If not, you will have to settle for this Jackie Stiles poster.

Little Stiles

Stiles’ younger sister, Roxy, led Claflin High School to back-to-back Class 1A state championships in Kansas in 2005 and 2006, and now also plays at the same college as her sister did (which has since changed its name to Missouri State). Roxy Stiles’ player profile

Jackie or Roxy? You decide:

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