Moochie Norris

Quick Hits

Position: Point Guard


  • Odessa Junior College
  • Auburn University
  • University of West Florida
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Florida Beachdogs (1996-1997)
  • Vancouver Grizzlies (1997)
  • Pau-Orthez (France, 1997-1998]
  • Fort Wayne Fury (CBA, 1998]
  • Houston Rockets (2000-2001)
  • New York Knicks (2003)
  • Houston Rockets (2005-2006)
  • New Orelans Hornets (2006)
  • Yakima Sun Kings (2007-2008]
  • Fortitudo Bologna (Italy, 2007)


  • Named JuCo All-American in 1994
  • Selected to the All-SEC 3rd team in 1994-95.
  • 33rd overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Selected to the All-CBA Rookie 2nd Team in 1996-97.
  • Made the All-CBA 2nd Team in 1997-98.
  • Named to the All-USBL 1st Team in 1999.
  • Selected to the CBA All-Star Game in 2000.
  • Selected to the All-CBA 1st Team in 2000.
  • Chicks dig the hair

Moochie Norris is the definition of a “journeyman“. He currently plays for the Yakima Sun Kings of the CBA. (Yakima Sun Kings Roster)

Here’s another article via Slam Magazine on the return of Moochie Norris in the NBA.

Early on in his career, Norris dealt with insomnia which he has suffered from for many years. Kerry Banks, a writer special for ESPN profiled Moochie Norris in a 2005 article as the most unusual reason for being placed on the injured list:

Most unusual reason for being placed on the injured list
Insomnia: Moochie Norris, Seattle, March 4, 1999
This was the real Sleepless in Seattle. Many people laughed when Norris was placed on the injured list because of insomnia by the Sonics in 1999, but it wasn’t funny to Norris.

Houston Rockets’ Moochie Norris was one of the lesser-known players to actually have a bobblehead doll.

The mold of the doll was broken so no more dolls could be made. After popular demand, BD&A created 1,500 more Moochies for Rocket VIPs. The doll is currently trading for about $100 to $150 dollars and has been traded for as much as $200. The Central Florida Future has more:

Houston Rockets’ Moochie Norris was the first bobble-head with hair, creator BD&A claims. Five-thousand dolls were created in 2002 for a giveaway at a game against the Phoenix Suns. Although the technology for putting hair on bobble-heads was around before then, Moochie Norris was the first player BD&A came across who was defined by not only his playing style but also his coif, said marketing vice president Steve Avanessian.

In 2002, Moochie Norris’ hair was the subject of an ESPN Page 2 interview by writer Todd Gallagher. You can read the full article here. Gallagher and Norris talk hair (from Jeff Hornacek to Steve Nash)

Here are some excerpts:

Does the hair talk get on your nerves?

Norris: Actually, I like it when they’re talking about my hair because I know somebody’s thinking about me more than if somebody’s not

Does anyone rival Jeff Hornacek, how bad his hair was?

Norris: No, not that I can think of. He used to make me laugh the way he moved it to the side when he was shooting free throws.

I was actually starting to like Moochie until I read this part of the ESPN interview:

What kind of music do you listen to?

Norris: I listen to jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, I’m a Celine Dion fan. I just bought Creed. I just like all kinds of music. I like it all.

Todd Gallagher also notes that Moochie Norris’ hair was a popular topic for ESPN writer Bill Simmons. Bill Simmons worships Norris and his hair. Jim Caple even notes the Norris bobblehead in this article.

Here are some of Bill Simmons’ comments on Moochie Norris’ hair:

“One more thing: Today’s USA Today contains an interview with my main man Moochie Norris about… his hair! Are you kidding me? Here was my favorite quote: “I have so many varieties. I give you braids. I give you half in, half out. I give you flat-out Afro. I give you the ponytail. I got a new style I’m going to bring out next week. It’s pretty wild for somebody out there playing basketball.”

I’m not just asking for a “SportsCentury and Beyond: Moochie Norris” show, I’m demanding it.” –Simmons

Here’s Simmons on his trip to the white house:

“For instance, Clinton apparently could command a room just by walking into it; Bush wasn’t like that at all. I’ve been in the same room with two people who were literally larger than life — Will Smith and Michael Jordan (although Moochie Norris comes pretty damn close) — and the Dubya Experience wasn’t remotely like that. He just seemed like a genuinely warm, genuinely nice guy. Maybe that’s a good thing.” –Simmons

He was given his nickname by his grandfather, who loved the Cab Calloway song, “Minnie the Moocher“.[Source]

Moochie was in the NBA news again recently when the Bulls refused to take on Moochies $12.6 M remaining from the Knicks. (Link)

For more on Moochie Norris’ career and his highlights (including three game winning three pointers in 2002) see Moochie’s profile on

And, you can get your Moochie Norris wallpaper for your Desktop here.

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