Skip Hicks

Quick Hits

Position: Running Back


  • UCLA Bruins (1994-1998 )
  • Washington Redskins (1998-2000)
  • Tennessee Titans (2001)
  • Carolina Panthers (2002)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy (NFL Europe) (2004)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (2004)
  • Toronto Argonauts (CFL) (2005)


  • Holds the UCLA school record for touchdowns in a season with 26 in 1997.
  • Holds the UCLA school record for career touchdowns with 55
  • Four four-touchdown games at UCLA in his career
  • Third Round Draft Pick in the 1998 NFL Draft (Pick: 69)
  • 1,109 career yards in the NFL with 13 touchdowns
  • Best running back in NFL Europe during his one season there (2004)
  • Full name is Brian LaVell Hicks

“Long after the game had ended, as his UCLA teammates were celebrating wildly in their locker room at the Rose Bowl, Skip Hicks stood on a podium in front of the student section, rocking with the band, basking in the cheers. A UCLA official had to drag him away.”

Above is an excerpt from an article in the Los Angeles Daily News from November of ’97, after Skip’s last collegiate game. Perhaps he should have savored that moment even more, because his days at UCLA were by far the best he ever had as a football player.

Hicks had a promising start to his NFL career, starting five games as a rookie with the Redskins. However, this fantasy football forcaster wasn’t fooled. He accurately labels Hicks as a half-year wonder. And by the way, half-year wonders make great RFP’s.

The following picture was either taken during Skip’s half-year of solid NFL play, or this lady is just completely oblivious to whose name is on the jersey she is wearing.

A Skip Hicks jersey after 1998 just doesn’t work. (Photo courtesy:

Hicks spent one year in the now-defunct NFL Europe, where he dominated. This prompted the Cincinnati Bengals to sign Hicks, despite the fact that he hadn’t carried the ball in the NFL for 3 years. The result? Skip was cut very early in the season and was forced to seek employment in Canada. In an amazingly awesome double signing, the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL signed Hicks and former RFP Snoop Minnis as a package deal in late 2004. I’m struggling to come up with any info on Hicks’ CFL career, but he did fail a physical in 2005 which resulted in the Argos terminating his contract.

Sorry there is no more CFL info, but to keep you entertained check out the craziness that was NFL Europe. Here are some pictures from one of Skip Hicks’ games in Europe via Scottish Cheddarheads:

One good thing about half-year wonders is that their treasures are now affordable.

How about a Skip Hicks signed football?

Or, a Skip Hicks signed mini helmet?


Cade McNown to Skip Hicks in a 66-3 victory over Texas:

Wow Texas, what happened?

Skip Hicks and the Bruins defeat USC in 1996:

One year later, Hicks and the Bruins defeat USC yet again:

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