Kerry Kittles


Quick Hits

Position: Shooting Guard


  • Villanova University (’92-’96)
  • New Jersey Nets (’96-’04)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (’04-’05)


  • 1st team All-American at Villanova as a senior
  • Owns Villanova’s all-time scoring record (2,243 points) along with 14 other Villanova all-time records
  • 8th pick of 1996 NBA Draft
  • NBA All-Rookie Second Team
  • Scored a career high 40 points against the Milwaukee Bucks in his rookie season
  • Averaged 16.4 ppg his rookie season and 17.2 ppg the next season, but never averaged more than 13.4 ppg for the rest of his career.
  • Now works as a part time scout for the Nets

Before we get started, how sick were Villanova’s jerseys back in the day?


If anyone knows how I can get my hands on a Kerry Kittles Villanova throwback, let me know immediately.

As Kyle points out below (in the blog comments), Kerry Kittles was the inventor of the “one-sock-up-one-sock-down” fashion, a look that can be witnessed as low as grade school and middle school games:

The league apparently put an end to Kittles’ style.

By the way, isn’t the only site wondering whatever happened to Kerry Kittles. recently published an article appropriately titled “Hey! Whatever Happened to Kerry Kittles?

Back when Kittles was the man, the sports information director at Villanova wrote this little story on him (Link)

As mentioned earlier, Kittles was the number 8 overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft. What I failed to mention is that I have a link to a 1996 NBA Mock Draft and accompanying Draft Bio’s. Just click on any player’s name for a full scouting report. As you’ll notice, some of the scouting reports were a little off base. Kerry Kittles is compared to Scottie Pippen, and even more awesome, Kobe Bryant is compared to Grant Hill. That is a ridiculous comparison because Grant Hill turned out to be a way better player. It also says of Kobe, “some scouts feel he doesn’t have the ballhandling and shooting skills to be an effective guard.” I couldn’t agree more. Of course, Kobe wasn’t drafted by the Lakers, he was taken by the Charlotte Hornets (#13 overall) who promptly traded him away to L.A. for Vlade Divac in what is widely considered to be the greatest move of all time. But enough about Kobe, this blog is not about him……shifting back to Kittles now……

If Kerry Kittles is Scottie Pippen, then who is Kerry Kittles? The answer: current Sacramento Kings star Kevin Martin, according to Martin’s 2004 NBA Draft bio.

Remember when Kittles got suspended by the NCAA for making illegal phone calls? I don’t, but the New York Times archive does

Kittles is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

He has an IMDB page just for playing in the NBA Finals. Who knew getting an IMDB page was so easy?

Here’s a post-retirement, Kerry Kittles article from the New York Post. Sounds like ol’ Kerry’s doin just fine.

Umm……no Youtube’s. Will someone please put up a video of Kerry Kittles to share with the world?…and my blog. Thanks. And that throwback ‘Nova jersey, don’t forget about that.

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One Response to “Kerry Kittles”

  1. I can’t believe there’s no mention of Kittles’ groundbreaking “one sock up, one sock down” style on the court

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