Clarence Weatherspoon

Quick Hits

Position: Power Forward/Small Forward


  • Southern Mississippi
  • Philadelphia 76ers (1992-1997)
  • Golden State Warriors (1997-1998]
  • Miami Heat (1998-2000)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (2000-2001)
  • New York Knicks (2002-2003)
  • Houston Rockets (2003-2005)


  • 6th overall draft pick, first round of the 1992 NBA Draft by the 76ers.
  • Averaged 11.5 points per game throughout his career.
  • A great scorer for the 76ers where he averaged 15.6 ppg in 92-93, 18.4 ppg in 93-94, 18.1 ppg in 94-95, 16.7 ppg in 95-96. Averaged a double-double in the 1993-1994 season with 10.1 rpg.
  • Nicknamed “Baby Barkley” because of his similar aggressive playing style to Charles Barkley.
  • “Spoon” had a trademark dunk known as the “spoon feed.”

For “Spoon’s” career stats go here.

Clarence Weatherspoon playing for various teams:

Stop MikeLupicaOnline notes that Weatherspoon is one of the current reasons the Knicks aren’t good.

Scott Layden used the mid-level exemption to sign Clarence Weatherspoon to a ridiculous 5 year, $27.2 million contract in 2001. So yes, Weatherspoon would still on the books until 2006, had he not been traded by Isiah Thomas (for Moochie Norris).

KnicksOnline also blames Scott Layden as the problem the Knicks have been so bad, not Isiah. Layden signed Weatherspoon in 2002. (Link)

Clarence Weatherspoon is one of the many NBA Players to record what Basketbawful calls a “Triple Bumble”: Double digits in points, rebounds and turnovers. Weatherspoon had 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 turnovers in a win against the Celtics January 22, 1997. (Link)

Sorry to call out an online user of the Houston Rockets forum like this, but in 2004 a user known as Stack24 thought Clarence Weatherspoon was the answer for the Houston Rockets (Link):

Clarence Weatherspoon!

He is a bit undersized but for his size he plays a mean PF or C when he does get into the game. When he has come in to play a bit of C when Yao and Deke are in foul trouble he does what we have been asking for all along. Reminds me a bit of Larry Smith or even Barkley. He isn’t the biggest guy but finds a way to play bigger than he is. -Stack24

Clarence Weatherspoon also owns a rap label (35*35 Entertainment) 35 of course was Weatherspoon’s number with the 76ers.

In January of 2008 Weatherspoon signed rapper J-Money;

Crawford, MS (PRWEB) January 22, 2008 — Coming off of the successful 2006 song “Peanut Butter & Jelly” with then-partner Cadillac Don, Mississippi native J-Money is now venturing into the solo arena. His new singles “Give Her To Me” and “She Bad” featuring southern street phenom Lil Boosie are making their way throughout the South’s radio and club circuits.

J-Money’s upcoming album will feature the likes of Jim Jones, Yo Gotti, Benz, Cadillac Don and more. The full-length debut will be released on 35*35 Entertainment, the label of retired NBA star Clarence Weatherspoon. (GHDJ Entertainment)

Here’s J-Money’s Myspace

Here’s some J-Money:

The 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest included Clarence Weatherspoon and former RFP Cedric Ceballos:

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