Bobby Hebert (pronounced “a-bear”)

“When you mention Bobby Hebert’s name, the word “championship” usually follows.” –Lafourche Sports

Position: Quarterback


  • Northwestern State-Louisianna
  • Michigan Panthers (USFL, 1983-1984)
  • Oakland Invaders (USFL, 1985)
  • New Orleans Saints (1985-1992)
  • Atlanta Falcons (1993-1996)


  • 1x NFL Pro Bowl selection (1993)
  • USFL All-Time Team (Second Team)
  • Most Passing Yards in USFL (10,039)
  • 1983 USFL Most Outstanding Quarterback
  • 1983 Sporting News USFL Player of the Year
  • 1983 USFL Championship Game MVP
  • 1983 USFL Champion with Michigan Panthers
  • Threw for 21,683 yards in the NFL, 135 TD’s, 124 INT’s with a 78.0 pass rating.
  • Nickname: “The Cajun Cannon”

Hebert is considered one of the greatest players to ever play in the USFL (Remember the USFL?)

The USFL was a short-lived professional league that played three seasons between 1983-1985. It has been the National Football League’s strongest competitor of any league since the 1960’s American Football League.

How awesome are these USFL mini helemets? ($30 here)

In 1985 and 1986 with the New Orleans Saints, Hebert split time with quarterback Dave Wilson (a future RFP). In 1987, he shared snaps with John Fourcade. Who are Dave Wilson and John Fourcade? In 1988 and 1989 he was the Saints’ primary quarterback.

(Dave Wilson)

In 1991 and 1992 Hebert led the Saints to back-to-back playoff appearances.

The October 7th, 1991 issue of Sports Illustrated even featured Bobby Hebert on the cover because of the Saints’ great start that season. Which brings up another question to discuss in the forum, how many RFP’s have graced the covers of Sports Illustrated? Name some.

He took a small number of snaps as a backup to Jeff George in 1994 and 1995. Jeff George’s infamous Sunday Night Football blowup caused Head Coach June Jones to bench George for the rest of the game, then suspend George for four games. Jones then named Hebert starting QB. (Wikipedia)

For Hebert’s career stats year-by-year in the NFL, click here

I bet you didn’t know Hebert even has his own fan page at Lafourche Sports.

How about the Bobby Hebert myspace?

On the hit TV sitcom Seinfeld (season six, episode:”The Big Salad“) , George is fascinated by the way his name is pronounced:

You know what’s interesting. The quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons is Bobby Hebert. No “r” which I find fascinating. You know it’s Herbert h-e-r-b-e-r-t, Hebert h-e-b-e-r-t. “Hebert” it’s a fun name to pronounce. Try and say it, Hebert.” (wikipedia)

Jason Alexander who played George on Seinfeld talked about the scene on the Letterman Show in 2001:

“George is talking to a date. Searching for conversation, George begins talking about the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints Bobby Hebert (pronounced “AY-BAIR). He then goes on to say a news reporter for the Times is named Bob Herbert. Very similar names, only one letter difference, but pronounced quite differently. AY-BAIR — HERBERT. George’s date thought this incredibly boring. I thought this incredibly hysterical because I always thought the SAME exact thing about Bobby Hebert and Bob Hebert and Bob Herbert but never mentioned it because I knew it was something only I would find the slightest bit interesting. Hearing my own private thought on TV, I laughed in disbelief. ONLY I THINK LIKE THAT! I was astonished to find someone else thought the Hebert-Herbert interesting but knew it was so uninteresting to others that he used it in an obvious uninteresting conversation for TV.” (Link)

Just recently on Wednesday, May 21, 2008, JMC from “The Big Picture” spent a night out with Bobby Hebert. The summary of a night out with Bobby Hebert is probably one of the greatest things I have ever read and it is a MUST READ! The Big Picture lists the things they learned about Bobby Hebert and some of the best moments of the night. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Things learned about Bobby Hebert:

  • His ex-wife is a total MILF.
  • He will always refill your beer when it’s empty.
  • When telling you great stories, he likes to get real close and tap you on the arm with the back of his hand again and again.
  • Although I didn’t get to see it first hand, apparently he’s a stud at beer pong.

Best parts of the night:

  • Seeing Bobby standing outside the restaurant dipping, then going back inside to check out the group of transsexuals that walked in after us.

Go to The Big Picture for the full interview and stories about Jim Mora, Deion Sanders, Lawrence Taylor and Jack Del Rio! (My Night Out with Bobby Hebert)

(The Big Picture out with Bobby Hebert)

Note: I just discovered The Big Picture when I was writing this blog post and it has been an idea of mine forever to have a feature Nights Out with Sports Stars. I hope to do a future night out with Kevin Duckworth someday, so Kevin, if you’re reading this contact me immediately. I can only imagine it would be one of the greatest days ever.

“Could someone who goes by T-Bob Hebert end up anywhere besides LSU?”

Bobby Hebert has a son that plays football for LSU. His son’s name? T-Bob Hebert.

T-Bob was a Freshman Center last year at LSU. In the 2007 recruiting class he was a four-star recruit ranked by Rivals as the #2 center prospect in the country (Rivals). T-Bob was a three-star recruit by Scout.

Pete McEntegart at Sports Illustrated included T-Bob in his “10-Spot” feature in October of 2006:

9. The 10 Spot doesn’t cover much recruiting news, but we couldn’t pass up the scoop that LSU received an oral commitment Monday from a player who should immediately make the All-Name team — center T-Bob Hebert. He’s the son of former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert (pronounced “a-bear”). “T-Bob” is a nickname, of course, but the “T” is a relatively common Cajun prefix that derives from the French word petit, for “little” or “small.” In other (i.e. Yankee) words, the younger Hebert goes as “Little Bob” to distinguish him from his dad, though at 6-foot-4 and 280 pounds, the diminutive doesn’t entirely fit. Still, could someone who goes by T-Bob Hebert end up anywhere besides LSU? It brings back happy memories for this scribe of the 2½ years I spent writing for a newspaper in Lafayette, La., the center of Cajun country. I had a coworker (the felicitously named Jonas Breaux) who liked to affectionately call people “T-Boy.” Surely Jonie is smiling today.


T-Bob Hebert talks about Katrina and his commitment to LSU

Interview with T-Bob Hebert

Here’s T-Bob as of last year:

Bobby Hebert is currently a co-host of a sports radio show on WWL 870 and 105.3 FM in New Orleans where he is nicknamed “The Cajun Cannon”. Surprisingly enough, Les Miles and Hebert give interviews together.


Here’s a video on YouTube tagged: “Drunk Saints Fan yelling at Bobby Hebert”:

And of course I have all of your 1983 and 1984 USFL Panthers’ Bobby Hebert video montages. Go here to watch them!

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