Rick Honeycutt

Quick Hits

Position: Pitcher


University of Tennessee (1973-1976)

Seattle Mariners (1977-1980)

Texas Rangers (1981-1983, 1994)

Los Angeles Dodgers (1983-1987)

Oakland Athletics (1987-1993, 1995)

New York Yankees (1995)

St. Louis Cardinals (1996-1997)


  • All-American First Baseman-Pitcher at Tennessee, won the SEC batting crown with a .404 BA
  • Drafted in the 17th round of the 1976 draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Pitched 21 seasons in the Majors
  • American League pennant: 1988, 1989, 1990
  • World Series champion: 1989 (Oakland Athletics)
  • All-Star (AL): 1980, 1983
  • Led the AL in ERA (2.42) in 1983
  • Pitched in 30 post-season games, including 20 league championship series games and 7 World Series games, and never lost a game, going 3-0.
  • At Oakland, Honeycutt was a set-up man to future Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley
  • Struggling through a 17 loss season with the Mariners in 1980. Honeycutt was caught scuffing the ball by hiding a thumbtack within a bandage on his finger. He was subsequently suspended for 10 days. (Link)
  • He was the oldest major league player in both 1996 and 1997 (42, 43 years old)
  • He made 268 starts and 529 relief appearances in his career, logging 2,160 innings pitched and compiling 109 wins and 38 saves.

Honeycutt joined the Dodgers as a Minor League Pitching coordinator after he retired, and he became the Pitching Coach for the Dodgers in 2006. He is still their pitching coach this season, and was one of the only holdovers from Grady Little’s 2007 staff to return on Joe Torre’s 2008 staff.

Could this be Rick Honeycutt’s biggest fan? I wonder if he frequents Honeycutt’s sporting goods and apparel store in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

Watch Rick Honeycutt sing and dance in one of the funniest videos ever made. It is called the “Baseball Boogie” and it was made by members of the 1986 Los Angeles Dodgers. While Honeycutt has some good moments, Orel Hershiser steals the show hands down (he’s in the blue jacket). Here it is:

WOW! It gets better each time I watch it. Someone please join me in the RFPoftheDay.com Forums to discuss this masterpiece.

Here’s a recent interview in which some of the “Baseball Boogie” participants, including Honeycutt, talk about the video.

Rick, all we can say is, thanks for the memories.


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