Scoonie Penn


Quick Hits

Name: Scoonie Penn

Main Team: THE Ohio State University (’98-’00)

Other Teams:

  • Boston College (’95-’97)
  • Pallancanestro Trieste (Italy)
  • Virtus Roma (Italy)
  • Asheville Altitude (NBDL)
  • Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Cibona Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Makedonikos Kozani (Greece)
  • Victoria Libertas Pesaro (Italy)
  • Olympiacos BC (Greece)
  • Efes Pilsen S.K. (Turkey, current team)

Wow, Scoonie is well traveled…and apparently loving the European circuit


  • Big Ten Player of the Year (’98-’99)
  • 2-time 1st Team All-Big Ten (’98-’99 & ’99-’00)
  • 2-time 3rd Team All-American (’98-’99 & ’99-’00)
  • Big East Rookie of the Year (’95-’96)
  • 2-time 1st Team All-Big East (’95-’96 & ’96-’97)
  • Led Ohio State to the Final Four in 1999 alongside current NBA superstar Michael Redd
  • Left Ohio State as the school’s all-time leader in 3-point field goals made.
  • Drafted in the 2nd round (57th overall) by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2000 NBA draft, didn’t make the team

Quite an impressive resume. “But wait!” you say, “I looked up Ohio State’s Final Four appearances, and they didn’t make it to the Final Four in 1999!” According to the NCAA, you are correct, but before you go charging me with maliciously boosting an RFP’s resume (a felony in 38 states), you need to know the full story. Basically, Ohio State had a dumb#@$% coach named Jim O’Brien at the time, and Mr. O’Brien was involved in some shady recruiting practices. The NCAA found out, and as a penalty they officially took away all accomplishments by Ohio State basketball teams from 1998-2002, including record of the 1999 Final Four appearance (they even took the Final Four banner hanging in Ohio State’s gym). Here’s an article on the subject.

The actual Final Four game (if we accept that it existed) featured one of the greatest head-to-head RFP match-ups of all time: Ohio State’s Scoonie Penn vs. UConn’s Khalid El-Amin. El-Amin won the battle, recording 18 points and 6 assists to Penn’s 11 points and 4 assists (box score), and UConn won the game (and eventually the national championship), but let’s not let a disappointing Final Four game take away from what Scoonie helped tOSU accomplish that year. The year before (which Scoonie sat out due to NCAA transfer rules), tOSU fnished dead last in the Big Ten with a 1-15 conference record. They won just 8 games all year. The next year, with Scoonie, tOSU won 27 games, and, as mentioned, made it all the way to the Final Four. Quite a turnaround. Thanks Scoonie.

Its too bad Scoonie didn’t make it in the NBA, maybe all he needed was a 6-foot-and-under league. He actually won an award in college for the best college senior under 6-feet tall: The Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award. Did you even know that existed?

More Scoonie:

Scoonie’s contributions at Ohio State didn’t all come on the court. Here’s an article about his community involvement.

Here’s a Euroleague interview with him from 2006: (link) interview from 2003: (link)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Youtube’s:

One-on-one with Scoonie Penn:

Week 10 MVP highlights

If you know this guy, please direct him to our website:


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