Ron Coomer

Steve Karsay, Rondell White and Ron Coomer (RFP Heaven) Why are they holding trees?

Quick Hits

Position: First Baseman/Third Baseman


  • Minnesota Twins (95-00)
  • Chicago Cubs (01)
  • New York Yankees (02)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (03)


  • AL All-Star in 1999
  • Drafted in the 14th round of the 1987 Amateur Draft.
  • Spent nine years in the minor leagues from 1987 to 1995 with three different organizations before he made it to the majors at age 28. Hit over .300 in six different seasons in the minor leagues.
  • Playing beneath Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura, Coomer had no place to play in the White Sox organization and was traded to the Dodgers.
  • Pacific Coast League All-Star in 1994 and 1995 with the Dodgers.
  • Spent six years with the Twins posting batting averages of .296 and .298 in 1996 and 1997.
  • Played for the Yankees in the 2002 Division series getting one hit in two at-bats.
  • Now a baseball analyst for FSN North, the Minnesota Twins’ primary television broadcaster.

The Top Ten Chicago Sports Blog awarded Coomer a spot in the Top Ten Chicago Fat guys. Coomer made #9 on the list, just ahead of David Wells and just below Keith Taylor (it should be no surprise who is #1 if you are a Chicago sports fan). The caption for Coomer: “The last time Ron Coomer saw 90210 it was on his scale.” -Top Ten Chicago Sports Blog

How about a Ron Coomer Minor-League Bobblehead? (Link)

Awesome, huh? What past RFP would you most like to see made into a bobblehead?

This guy has a problem with Twins fans, stating:

“For the record, Coomer’s career high in homers was 16, and he did it a year after Sosa and McGwire both passed Maris in the record books. Twins fan: just because a former player is sitting in front of you for three hours doesn’t mean you’ve got to pretend you’re a big fan or something. Just let Ron do his job . . . even if it is one of the easiest jobs in the world.”

Want a Ron Coomer autographed game-used bat? eBay has you covered. Hurry bidding ends tomorrow, the price is currently $15.55 and has four bids. And no, it is not me selling the bat. So please, 705gordy (seller) don’t be afraid to send some of that profit our way.

I would also like to thank the Minnesota Twins organization for giving us so many RFP’s. (See Gary Gaetti)


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