Vai Sikahema

Quick Hits


  • BYU (Class of 1986)
  • St. Louis/Pheonix Cardinals (1986-1990)
  • Green Bay Packers (1991)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (1992-1993)

Positions: Running Back/Kick Returner


  • 10th round draft pick in 1986.
  • Special Teams standout in the NFL
  • Pro Bowl selection in 1986 and 1987.
  • Pro Football Weekly 1st team all-conf. (1986)
  • Associated Press 2nd team all-NFL (1986)
  • Associated Press 1st team all-NFL (1987)
  • Newspaper Ent. Assoc. 2nd team all-NFL (1992) (Note: I didn’t even know this award existed)
  • Came up with the famous “goalpost punching” celebration after scoring a kickoff return touchdown in a 1992 game against the New York Giants at Giants Stadium.
  • Born in Nuku’alofa, Tonga
  • Member of the BYU Cougar Club Hall of Fame (Link)
  • A prominent player in the video game TECMO Bowl.

For more on his statistics and career see the Pro Football Reference (Link)

Vai Sikahema is now the Sports Director for the NBC affiliate, WCAU, in Philadelphia. (NBC10)

Sikahema is also the host of “Wednesday’s Child,” a segment sponsored by the National Adoption Center, Freddie Mac Foundation and NBC 10 to promote the adoption of children.

Sikahema’s biography at NBC10 (Link)

Vai Sikahema is apparently the next boxing superstar, pretty fitting considering he invented the “punching of the goalpost celebration” after touchdowns.

Sikahema has recently made an attempt to prove his manhood by picking up fights with other radio and television personalities. In late 2007, Vai called out comedian Danny Bonaduce. (Link)

Vai recently made the news in January 2008 by vowing to “knock out” a popular radio host in Pennsylvania (Notice the photo above). Sikahema butted heads with 95.7 Ben-FM host Dave Cruise at a Jan. 19 charity event at Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, Pa. Cruise is a former University of Iowa martial arts team member specializing in Tae Kwan Do and currently does some radio work. (Source: NBC 10, Deuce of Davenport Blog)

Vai won the fight. Here’s a recap from the Delco Times:

Cruise was the aggressor, but Sikahema dominated with impressive defensive skill and enough pointed counterpunches to cause blood to cascade from Cruise’s nose. Sikahema won, 30-27, on the Daily Times card.

“He’s a tough kid,” Sikahema said. “It’s tough to get in there when you’ve never done it. It’s been a long time, but I have done this. I’m not getting into the ring with Bernard Hopkins, but I can beat most people my age.”

After the fight, the two-time Pro Bowl punt returner called it a ring career.

“This is it,” Sikahema said. “At the very end, I got caught and I think he readjusted my jaw. And this might hurt more than the bloody nose I gave him.” (Source: Fight Recap, Delco Times)

You can watch a preview for the fight on AOL or…..

You can watch the actual fight on NBC 10 or on AOL.

To get Vai’s take on the match with Dave Cruise, check out his journal entry on NBC 10. (Link) You can also read about Vai’s attempt to get back in shape for the fight (Link).

Besides dabbling in boxing, Sikahema also plays tennis regularly with ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio (Source)

And of course, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the touchdown celebration:

Deadspin also featured an interesting article on Johnny Weir and Vai Sikahema going shopping together for the 2006 Winter Olympics (Link). If you’ve ever wanted to see a very masculine human being very out of place, watch this:

Sikahema’s nephew by marriage is actor Jon Heder, star of the film Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory. (Source: wikipedia)

Vai Sikahema being injured in Madden 1992. Notice how the ambulance runs over a few players. Video games were so much more badass back in the day:

BYU greats Vai Sikahema, Ty Detmer and Steve Young


UPDATE (7/13/08): Sikahema KO’s Canseco in 1st round

(Photo by Nick Laham – Getty Images)

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One Response to “Vai Sikahema”

  1. I saw Vai on ESPN2, I think, on Friday Night Fights and they showed the Jose fight and talked about how Larry Holmes showed him how to fight a man so much larger. It was really pretty cool. Vai’s an interesting man who had a good amateur boxing background before football became his sport. So, really he’s not just some old footballer who wants to fight. He’s a fair boxer. Still in damn good shape for his age. Maybe if he’d been a boxer, he wouldn’t be.

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