Flow on with Cedric Ceballos

“I’ve shot free throws with no time left on the clock in front of 30,000 people. I don’t have a problem with having a microphone in my hand.” – Ceballos

(Asked about his chances of being voted a starter in the NBA all-star game) “I don’t know. But I know my hands are tired, from stuffing the ballot box.”Ceballos

Quick Hits


  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Phoenix Suns [91-94, 96-98]
  • Los Angeles Lakers (94-97)
  • Dallas Mavericks (97-00)
  • Detroit Pistons (00-01)
  • Miami Heat (00-01)
  • Hapoel Tel Aviv (02-03)
  • Lokomotiv Mineralyne Vody (02-03)
  • Phoenix Flame (07)

Position: Small Forward


  • 48th overall pick in the 1990 NBA Draft
  • 1-time NBA All-Star
  • Led NBA in field goal percentage (57.6) in 1992-93
  • Led the Lakers in scoring in 1994-95 with a 21.7 average, and in 1995-96 with a 21.2 average
  • Notched the Lakers’ first 50-point game in over 20 years in 1995 (Kobe does it every night now) (see video below)
  • Won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest with a blindfolded dunk in 1992. (see video below)
  • Played professionally in Russia and Israel after the NBA and was a player/coach in the IBL with the Phoenix Flame…. How many player-coaches can you think of other than Jackie Moon?

Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric Ceballos may be one of the great RFP’s who actually had a “great” career off the court. Ceballos was an actor and rapper while in the NBA. Ceballos was also a “Game Night Emcee” at Phoenix Suns games from 2002-2005. Since retiring, Ceballos has done broadcasting for ESPN, TNT and the Phoenix Mercury.

In 1994, Ceballos released his first LP with Dana Barros, titled “Flow On/Check It”, featuring remixes by Buckwild, Muggs and Jay-Z. There are 6 copies for sale. It doesn’t get much better than Dana Barros/Jay-Z and Ceballos/Warren G. Which is the more lethal combination? (Barros is a future RFP!).  This also begs the question: What the hell is Jay-Z doing messing around with Kanye West and Coldplay when he could be mixing it up with Dana Barros?

In 2000, he released his own rap album ‘Nuff Ced’. Please note at one point the Lakers featured a roster with four rappers: Shaq, Kobe, Cedric, & Rider.

And now….. the video you’ve all been waiting for: “Flow On” by Ceballos and Warren G


Not only did Ceballos have a rap career….. he also had an acting career. Ceballos has appeared in numerous sitcoms and movies. Most notably he was in “Space Jam”, “Hang Time”, “Living Single”, “Eddie”, “The Jamie Foxx Show”, and “In the Doghouse”.

Ceballos’ IMDB page.


Interview/Special on Ceballos

Ceballos’ blindfolded dunk

50 points for Ceballos

I have never seen a more professional looking website for an RFP ever. CedricCeballos.com is a must see. On his official website you can read journal entries by Ceballos, watch Ceballos’ rap videos, his basketball videos and a video of Ceballos winning the PEPSI Comeback Player of the Year award. (No word yet if that’s actually an award still…..)

Ceballos was arrested in February 2008 when he tried to use a bad credit card and driving on a suspended license at a Blythe, California gas station:

Ex-Sun Ceballos arrested on suspended license charge. Courtesy of The Arizona Republic (via 12 News) (Courtesy of You Been Blinded Blog)

Buy your Ceballos poster here

StraightCashHomey.net has a great Cedric Ceballos jersey (ESPN Link):


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