Natrone Means Business


Quick Hits

Teams: University of North Carolina (Class of ’93), San Diego Chargers (’93-’95, ’98-’99), Jacksonville Jaguars (’96-’97), Carolina Panthers (’00)

Position: Running Back


  • Rushed for 3,074 yards and 34 touchdowns at the University of North Carolina.
  • Selected by the Chargers in the 2nd round (41st overall) of the 1993 NFL Draft.
  • Rushed for 1,350 yards in his second season in the NFL
  • Pro Bowl selection in 1994
  • All-Pro selection in 1994
  • Lost to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX.
  • 5,846 career rushing yards, 47 TD’s
  • Retired in 2000.

Growing up being an avid Jacksonville Jaguars fan, I sadly purchased one of these back in the day when the Jaguars were in the playoffs:

Photo courtesy ESPN Bad Jersey Hall of Fame (via StraightCashHomey)

Natrone’s Jaguar jersey is also in another “Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame

Several stores sell Natrone Means throwback Jerseys: Link, another, and an Authentic one (only $200!)

ESPN analyst Chris Berman gave Means the nickname “Natrone Means Business”. Originally Berman gave Means the nickname Natrone “Refried” Means, but changed it to “Natrone Means Business” after Means complained to Berman about the “refried” moniker. (wikipedia)

Hear Berman use the nickname (a couple clips in):

Here’s a sign that Natrone Means has been forgotten, his fan website doesn’t look like it has been updated in years.

Natrone is currently the offensive coordinator at historical powerhouse West Charlotte High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gotta get yourself one of these:

We need a Jacksonville one though…does that exist?

Pretty soon I can see Tony Boselli and Mark Brunell joining Natrone Means as Jacksonville RFP’s.

This was me back in the day:


One Response to “Natrone Means Business”

  1. I have the Means UNC Jersey & the Chargers jersey. I also have the Natrone Means official coin, and the figurine you picture! I also grew up in the same town he did…and Harrisburg NC is pretty proud of him for making it to the NFL. He’s currently helping to coach Carolina Panther’s runningback Stewart – who’s doing pretty well. So…he’s not so forgotten after all – at least not in NC!

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