Gary Gaetti

Quick Hits

Teams: Minnesota Twins (81-90), Angels (91-93), Royals (93-95), Cardinals (96-98), Cubs (98-99), Red Sox (00), Northwest Missouri State University

Position: Third Baseman


  • Won a World Series with Minnesota in 1987. Was the MVP of the ALCS in 1987.
  • Won four Gold Gloves (86-89)
  • All-Star in 1988, 1989
  • Silver Slugger Award winner in 1995
  • On August 19, 2007, Gaetti’s 49th birthday, the Minnesota Twins inducted Gary to the team’s Hall of Fame, while the club simultaneously released a commemorative bobblehead in his honor.
  • Gaetti hit a home run in his first-ever Major League at bat. He currently is the all-time home run king of players that homered in their first Major League at bat.

In 1998, The Chicago Cubs featured a great RFP lineup of aged infielders including Gaetti at third, Jeff Blauser at short, Mickey Morandini at second and Mark Grace at first.

This is SCARY: Gary Gaetti has his own cult following: The Gary Gaetti Cult of Grand Forks ND

Why did they create a cult?:

“In the beginning God created the heavens, earth and the Gary Gaetti Cult. Let’s start again…The year is 2008 and the Gary Gaetti Cult is now roughly 9 years old. It all started back in 1998-99 when we were attending the University of North Dakota drinking and dreaming on weekends, and weekdays for that matter, watching Gaetti and the Cubs on WGN in the afternoons at 514. The average cult member enjoys: drinking beer, watching quality sports (baseball, hockey, football), shooting guns, burning fossil fuels, and pulling pranks. The page is what it is. I guess time and space met, shared a can of beer, and The Cult was formed.”

– Gary Gaetti Cult of 514 Cottonwood, Grand Forks ND

There are so many great pictures on the Cult’s site you have to check it out!

Maybe for a follow up we will interview the members of The Gary Gaetti cult…..

Note: Images courtesy of: The Gary Gaetti Cult

Gary Gaetti was even featured on SNL’s Weekend Update: Gary Gaetti Cult/SNL Weekend Update


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