Khalid El-Amin


Quick Hits:

Name: Khalid El-Amin

Position: Point Guard

Teams: Uconn Huskies (’97-’00), Chicago Bulls (’00-’01)


  • Won 4 straight state titles in high school (North HS, Minneapolis, MN)
  • Played in the McDonald’s All-American Game as a senior
  • Set UConn single season freshman scoring record (16.0 ppg)
  • Starred on UConn’s National Championship team in 1999 and scored the team’s final 4 points in the championship game against Duke
  • Finalist for 2000 Naismith Award awarded to the college basketball player of the year (the award was won that year by Kenyon Martin).
  • Declared for the NBA Draft after his Junior year, but played just one season in the NBA
  • Currently plays professionally in Turkey

Not Your Average Point Guard

If you were a fan of an opposing school during Khalid El-Amin’s reign at UConn, you might remember El-Amin as “doughboy.” That was a popular nickname used by hecklers as they made fun of El-Amin’s un-point-guard-like, wide frame. One Syracuse fan recalls that he was once so close to the action on the court that “The Pillsbury Doughboy, I mean, Khalid El-Amin, gave me the finger.” This Celtics fan gives 2007 draft pick Glen Davis the “Khalid El-Amin Award for ‘Stupidest early entry by a doughboy.'” Just Google “Khalid El-Amin doughboy” if you like making fun of fat kids. I’m pretty sure El-Amin usually had the last laugh though. He was a hell of a player on a very good team. Here’s a comparison, you can decide for yourself:


Haha, ok I guess they are pretty similar…(Note: the one on the left was never First Team All-Big East)

If all this doughboy talk is making you hungry, and you are in Minnesota, stop by Khalid’s restaurant, “El-Amin’s Fish House” in downtown Minneapolis. And tell them sent you (they have no clue who we are, but do it anyway, its good promotion for the site)

Not in Minnesota? Can’t get enough El-Amin? Friend him on Myspace, or visit his website,

Are in Minnesota? Can’t get enough El-Amin? Already went to the Fish House? Send your kids to his hoop camp:

And tell him sent you….(Please?)

And Now, the Youtube’s

Watch the last 2 minutes of UConn’s thrilling Championship win over Duke in 1999 (El-Amin is #42 in white, you can’t miss him, he scores UConn’s last 4 points)

Khalid ballin’ in Europe:


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