Uwe Blab’s Blog

Quick Hits

Position: Center

Teams: Indiana University Hoosiers, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs


  • Blab grew up in Munich, West Germany.
  • He played for Bob Knight (who constantly criticized Blab for being out of shape).
  • Uwe was drafted 17th overall by the Mavericks in the 1985 NBA draft.
  • His first four seasons were with the Mavericks.
  • He finished with career averages of 2.1 points and 1.8 rebounds per game.

If you weren’t following the NBA during Uwe Blab’s era, or you were following the NBA but had no clue Blab existed, the correct way to pronounce his name is oo-vay blop. If I was ever going to make a rap song about NBA centers with career averages of 2.1 ppg, I would undoubtedly have to rhyme Uwe Blab with current Nets center DeSagana Diop (jop), who also averages 2.1 ppg over his career. Please don’t ask me how I figured that coincidence out. One thing led to another and…things just came together, ok?

You could say Bob Knight wasn’t Uwe Blab’s biggest fan. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated gives us this story:

“Blab was never known for his ability to catch the ball, so when his first child was born Knight passed along these instructions to Blab’s wife, Key: ‘Promise me that you will never let this man hold that child aloft unless it is over a soft bed.'”

And yes, Uwe’s wife’s name is Key Blab. Love it.

Though Knight wasn’t a huge Uwe Blab fan, Blab fans do exist. Like this University of Kentucky supporter.

Here is some more Blab fanfare, this time from a 1984 Sports Illustrated article on the red-headed German.


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