Otis Thorpe

Otis Thorpe

Position: Power Forward (6’10”, 250)


Kansas City Kings

Houston Rockets

Portland Trail Blazers

Detroit Pistons

Vancouver Grizzlies

Washington Wizards

Miami Heat

Charlotte Hornets


Thorpe was the #9 overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. He played seventeen seasons in the NBA.

He was an important player on the Houston Rockets’ 1994 Championship team.

He was an All-Star with the Rockets in 1992.

He was involved in three controversial and major trades in his career:

  • Thorpe was traded to the Trail Blazers in 1995 for Clyde Drexler. (commentary on trade) also in “worst trades ever” on yahoo answers.
  • He was also traded to the Washington Wizards for Chris Webber.
  • He was also traded to the Vancouver Grizzlies, from the Pistons for a future first-round draft pick. That pick landed in 2003 when the Grizzlies could have had Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh, instead giving the pick to the Pistons who drafted Darko. (Darko for Otis?)

He averaged 14.0 ppg and 8.2 rpg for his career and ranks among the top 100 in NBA history in games played (18th), minutes played (20th), field goals (58th), field goal percentage (14), offensive rebounds (13th), defensive rebounds (20th), total rebounds (31st), turnovers (25th), personal fouls (10th), and points (61st)

(Source: wikipedia)

Video of the Rockets first championship:

Just looking at the 1992-93 Rockets roster is RFP Heaven: Vernon Maxwell, Winston Garland, Carl Herrera, Matt Bullard, Sleepy Floyd, Kennard Winchester, Terry Teagle, Tree Rollins, Mark Acres

, Vernon Maxwell

If you remember, Charles Oakley was once fined $7,500 and suspended one game for punching Otis Thorpe. And, if you’ve ever wanted to know who was better: Otis Thorpe or Charles Oakley? This forum has you covered: NYKFP.com

And if you’ve ever wanted to own a pair of Otis Thorpe’s shoes: Otis Thorpe Game-Worn, Signed Shoes (Note: They are AVIA as well)

You can also find an Otis Thorpe poster here.

And if you have Otis Thorpe pictures…..there apparently is someone on the web who actually needs them.


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