Don Beebe is to Speed as Tom Emanski is to Defense

“To feel what it actually feels like be in a locker room after a win in a Super Bowl…,” Beebe said. “There’s nothing like it in sports.” – Don Beebe (Source:

Quick Hits

Name: Don Beebe

Position: Wide Receiver


Chadron State Eagles – 1988

Buffalo Bills – 1989-94

Carolina Panthers – 1995

Green Bay Packers – 1996-97


He was honored as an “Unsung Hero” in 1996, at the NFL Players Association Awards Banquet.

He was known for his blazing speed. He once ran a 4.21 40-yard dash, one of the fastest in NFL history.

He is most known for what ESPN calls one of the most memorable Super Bowl moments of all time, when he knocked the ball out of Cowboys defensive tackle Leon Lett’s hands while Lett celebrated a would-be touchdown prematurely. Beebe prevented the touchdown and regained possession of the ball on a touchback.

The play was so remarkable that Saturday Night Live featured it in a sketch called “Worst Sports Momemts in Black History”.

Beebe also caught 2 passes for 50 yards, including a 40 yard touchdown reception from Frank Reich earlier in the game.

Don Beebe was a member of six Super Bowl teams, including four appearances with the Buffalo Bills (Super Bowl XXV, Super Bowl XXVI, Super Bowl XXVII and Super Bowl XXVIII) and two with the Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl XXXI and Super Bowl XXXII). Beebe won his first World Championship with the Packers at Super Bowl XXXI.

Enough reading, here’s the video:

Don Beebe even has his own fan site. Link

Apparently Don Beebe needs to buy someone a beer? Link

Don Beebe bounces on his head:

Don Beebe and Brett Favre Trick-or-Treating

What is Beebe doing now?

He currently coaches Varsity football for Aurora Christian School in Aurora, IL, which features heralded division 1 prospect Jordan Roberts (QB). (Source: Wikipedia)

After retiring from football in 1998 he started a speed training school called House of Speed also making training videos. He instructs kids through camps and training sessions.


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