Ki-Jana Carter is Shaft.

“They [Oregon] had him — had him — they thought — and then he was gone” —Keith Jackson after Ki-Jana Carter’s 83 yard touchdown in the Rose Bowl vs. Oregon. Source: Carter

Quick Hits

Name: Ki-Jana Carter (Kenneth Leonard Carter)

Position: Running Back

Team: Penn State, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints


Ki-Jana was a standout at Penn State where he played with Jeff Hartings, Joe Jurevicius and Kerry Collins.

He left Penn State after his junior year. He notched 2,829 yards rushing and scored 38 touchdowns during his career at Penn State.

Against Michigan State in 1994 he rushed for 227 yards on 27 carries and had 5 touchdowns.

In 1994, Penn State went undefeated en-route to beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl (1995) where he earned co-MVP honors. He had an 83 yard touchdown run on the first offensive play of the game.

He finished second in the Heisman voting that same year.

Carter was drafted by the Bengals with the first overall pick in 1995. He was chosen ahead of Tony Boselli, Steve McNair and Kerry Collins.

He tore a ligament in his knee on his third carry of his first preseason game of his rookie year and went on to suffer multiple injuries throughout his career. 464 yards in a season remains his career best.

Ki-Jana Carter reflects on his career in the NFL: Link

His name Ki-Jana was a nickname from the movie Shaft in Africa.

He also appeared in Jerry Maguire for those who don’t remember: Link

You know you’re an RFP when photos of people wearing your jersey are inducted into several sites’ “Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame”: 1. Mr. Irrelevant’s Sports Blog and 2. ESPN Page 2 (via Straight Cash, Homey)

Washington Post chats with Ki-Jana Carter (Link)

NY Times “Talking Money with Ki-Jana Carter (Link)

Note: Ki-Jana Carter is yet to sign his retirement papers in dreams of coming back someday…. Rating:

Year inactive/irrelevant: 7 years. Score: 7

Fan popularity: Score:8

Peak fame: #1 pick in the NFL draft, Score:10

Rate of decline: Suffered injuries . Score:10

Memorability: #1 pick in the NFL. Score: 8 Overall Rating: 8.6

Fan Poll: ?


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