‘The Dunkin Dutchman’ Rik Smits


Quick Hits

Name: Rik Smits

Position: Center

Team: Indiana Pacers

Notables: -7’4″ tall

-NBA All-Star (’98

-All-Rookie Team (’89)

-Best season was ’95-’96 when he averaged 18.5 ppg

-Nicknamed “The Dunkin’ Dutchman”

-Hit a game winning buzzer beater in Game 4 of the ’95 Eastern Conference Finals. Watch

Link to Rik’s Career Stats

Taller Than the Average Motocross Rider


Rik now collects and races vintage motocross motorcycles in his spare time (Link). Some say he’s the best 7’4″ motocross racer of all time. Gotta love it. Rik is soooo baller.

He also had a decent haircut for most of his career


I know it’s hard to believe, but some people have a real beef with Rik. Like this guy, who rips him in his “Basketbawful” blog. He is probably hunting me down right now for even mentioning Smits on here. Well, I guess he’s gonna have to hunt down the producers of the television series “Pros vs. Joes” as well, because they featured him trying to block the shit out of some poor little dude in a recent episode. Watch

And now for some Youtube’s:

Rik’s game winner in Game 4 of the ’95 Eastern Conference Finals:

A nifty Rik Smits highlight package:

And this old school Smits bio from his senior year in college:

RFPoftheday.com Rating:  7.1

Fan Poll:  6.7


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  1. Good one .keep it up!What abt olawaknadi,sprewell

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