Ron Gant

Quick Hits

Name: Ron Gant

Main Team: Atlanta Braves

Position(s): OF, 2B (early years)


Drafted out of high school in the fourth round.

Won the Silver Slugger Award in 1991.

Was a two time All-star selection (1992, 1995).

Bobby Cox picked Ron for the All-Star team in 1992, but he slumped badly in the second half and much of the time had an OBP below .300, finishing at .259/.321/.415.

In the 1992 postseason he was benched in favor of Deion Sanders.

Gant is one of only 4 players in the history of baseball to have back-to-back 30 HR, 30 SB seasons.

Gant had 117 RBI’s in 1993.

His speed and power combination made him a bidworthy item, and the Reds and Cardinals each paid a lot for him in the mid 90’s.

More on Ron Gant’s career

In 2006, A Seattle Mariner’s blog, Detect-O-Vision, dedicated an entire blog post to comparing Ron Gant to Adam Jones (then super-prospect/now Orioles outfield). It doesn’t get better when you are a super-prospect and you’re being compared to Ron Gant. Detect-O-Vision offers a pretty good argument, however, so far Adam Jones is a couple years behind Gant

Adam Jones being compared to Ron Gant. Link

Gant was a color commentator for the Braves in 2005. He is now a post-game analyst on Sports South.

No telling if this entry from is actually referring to THE Ron Gant, but I vote we start using the term “Ron Gant giddy” anyway. is the homepage of an artist by the same name. He paints…..teeth…..i guess. Gallery. I wonder if he can paint me a sick Broncos tooth? Oh wait, he can. I can’t decide which Ron Gant is cooler…In fact, seeing all these painted teeth is making me Ron Gant giddy! (See, it’s catchy)


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  1. I was the one who sent the phrase Ron Gant Giddy to It came from when I was in college. It’s a long story but I love the phrase as I loved watching Ron Gant play for the Braves. Thanks for spreading the coolest saying ever!!!!!!

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