Bichette Happens

Quick Hits

Name: Dante Bichette

Main Teams: Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers

Position: OF

Notables: Bichette was a 4-time all-star during his career with the Colorado Rockies. In the Rockies expansion year he hit .310 with 21 home runs. He was also in the 1994 home run derby (he hit 3 HR’s). 1995 was his best year, as he hit .340 with 40 HR and 128 RBI. The 1996 season was only the second time ever that two players on the same team hit at least 30 home runs and collected 30 stolen bases, as Ellis Burks accomplished the same feat. Over the next three seasons, Bichette hit 26, 22 and 34 home runs for the Rockies, respectively. Bichette finished with 274 home runs during a 14-year major league career, earning him 3 Hall of Fame votes in 2005 (which this guy is pissed about).

Bichette’s Wikipedia Entry

Armchair GM actually wrote an article about where Bichette is now, if you wondering what Bichette looks like now:

Bichette Jr. making a name for himself

In 2005, you may also remember Bichette coaching his son, Dante Bichette Jr. at the 2005 Little League World Series. (Link)

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