Jason Gardner be on ‘dat Kryptonite

Quick Hits

Name: Jason Gardner

Main Team: University of Arizona (’99-’03)

Position: Point Guard

Notables: National Freshman of the Year (’00); 2nd Team All-American (’03); 1st Team All Pac-10 (’00, ’02, ’03)

RFPoftheDay.com score: 5.8

Fan poll score: 6

(Above) Gardner on his European team

Arizona Wildcats

With a team that featured Richard Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas, you wouldn’t expect a 5-10 point guard to be the one who earned National Freshman of the year honors and became the star of Arizona. Jason is now our poster boy at rfpoftheday.com. (Note: I still can’t figure out which one Jason is, #22 or #1?)

Jason Gardner NBAdraft.net profile


Best Sleepers of the 2003 Draft: Joe from Long Beach and Bryant from Indianapolis are also avidly following his career still.


Jason Gardner citing:

A recent article (March 11) in The Wildcat Online has compared Nic Wise to point guard Jason Gardner: “Wise labeled as the new Jason Gardner. Minus the numbers, point guard has similar impact”. The article also goes on to give an update on Jason in Europe: “Currently, he’s averaging 12.8 points and 4.0 dimes per game through 24 games overseas.” I am sure Wise is excited to be on the path to playing basketball the rest of his life in Europe.

Great article

A photographer is lucky enough to share the same name as Jason. (http://www.jasongardner.net/)

You have to love the German soundtrack accompanying the second video.

I think it is very relevant to give a shoutout to allaboutdre and AmareSTAT who have devoted their time to putting Jason Gardner highlight reels on youtube.

This guy remembers Jason Gardner:

Jason Gardner RFPoftheDay.com rating

Year inactive/irrelevant: 4+ years and counting. Score: 3

Fan popularity: Outside of the Pac-10 Jason probably wasn’t very well known, any East Coasters care to comment? Score: 4

Peak fame: Jason was a 3 time all Pac-10 performer and National Freshman of the year. Score: 7

Rate of decline: This is Jason’s best category. He went from a “sleeper” pick in the NBA draft to Europe. Score: 9

Memorability: I really can’t remember any spectacular plays or games Jason had. Great crossover. Score: 6

Total: 29

Give him a few more years and this score could increase.


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